Essie Red Professional Nail Polish Review


Red essie nail polish is an award-winning product that features every possible shade and hue of red you can think of.

Red, painted fingernails is still one of the most popular nail designs among women, tied with the French manicure as the most requested style at nail salons around the world. The classic look of fiery red color on well-manicured nails expresses sophistication, elegance and beauty without overpowering the senses.

Essie nail lacquer has made headlines since it was first introduced in 1981. It is a favorite among celebrities and often found on movie sets, in makeup rooms of runway fashion shows and in dressing rooms of Broadway singers. Essie been hailed as one of the most excellent nail care and color polishes in the beauty business by Redbook, Star, InStyle and countless other fashionista magazines. Essie polish was created for those who love to have strong, healthy nails, appreciate beautiful nail color and enjoy lasting results, without breaking the bank.

Essie has been offering unique nail colors for more than thirty years. Every day, women and nail technicians alike have come to love the incredible color selections offered by Essie. In fact, essie created and named an entire nail color collection based on women’s love of red nails. You could even go so far as to call it a color fixation, dedicating more than a dozen nail polishes to red essie. Incredibly, essie revealed over fourteen tints, hues, shades and depths associated with the color red. Here are just a few of the fantastic names and colors of red nail polishes available from essie and that are offered at salons and spas around the world: Forever Yummy, Really Red, Jelly Apple, Lollipop and Wrapped in Rubies. These tantalizing and carefully selected red nail polish names are a reflection of essie’s passion for innovative products, cutting-edge coloring and premium nail care.

Essie red nail lacquers are packed with nutrients and include vitamin-based color that spreads fast-drying enamel evenly and beautifully. That’s one of the many advantages a company like essie, one with an impeccable reputation backed by scientific research, you know your nails will always look magnificent, even as they are being transformed into stronger, healthier, smoother nails. This means toenails too!

Stylists and beauty experts trust nail polishes from essie as innovator in the nail care industry, featuring one of the most glamorous and affordable nail color selections in the world. Red essie nail polishes don’t just pack show-stopping color; they bring clinically proven results. Essie is only offered directly to salon professionals. In order to maintain its luxury status, Essie Cosmetics are sold to distributors and salon owners who are then encouraged to promote Essie products to clients in a professional salon setting.

Remember, you cant go wrong with red essie nail lacquer, everyone looks fabulous with red nails! See our full selection of Red Essie.

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