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At The Supply Source, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products a beauty supply store can offer. We sell items for basic needs, such as toe spacers, to business supplies such as pedicure chairs, all at competitive prices.

Since 1980, The Supply Source has been making sure that customers have access to the supplies they need for their business without having to pay over-inflated prices for the most basic of items. We are a complete beauty supply store, carrying every possible item for a nail artist or salon, be it a pedicure chair or a cuticle pusher. Our prices are kept low so our customers can save money while increasing their own profits.

We also make it a point to carry more than basic supplies. Our staff keeps an eye on the latest trends in nail designs and makes sure that any necessary equipment or item is available on our site as soon as possible. In turn, you have the items in your salon to catch the trend wave. Our keeping up with trends means you have the items available for customers the moment they start asking for the style. As a result, you have happy customers and increased profits for being on top of the latest nail craze.

Not every customer wants the latest nail design, just to have a unique nail design that stands out. Put copies of Nails magazinein your salon for customers to browse. We carry the latest issue as well as have back issues in stock so you can keep your customers supplied with ideas.

The supplies are available day or night no matter how busy a client might get. All of the supplies are available online so that purchases can be made around the clock. Customers get the best-looking nails because the best quality products are used. Customer service is available 24/7 to answer any questions or field any concerns about the beauty supplies we carry.

You’ll find everything you need for your nail salon and more at our website, Register an account, then shop our online beauty supply storefor all of your needs, big or small.

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