Tips for Manicuring Nails like a Professional


Everyone thinks that they can manicure nails correctly, but are your skills really up to snuff? A good manicure involves a lot more than a basic file and a layer of polish, and growing talent in manicuring arts and other grooming practices can prove to become a marketable trade in a cosmetology school. The following are some tips and points to remember for an advanced manicure that goes beyond the basic clip and paint for some truly beautiful nails.

  • Prep – The first step is preparation. Use cotton balls and nail polish remover to take off the current coat of polish. Your nail’s natural color may seem to be tinted yellow, but this is a normal side effect of extensive polish use and is not really a problem unless the structural integrity of the nail is lacking. If your fingers are swelling, or your nail is overly sensitive or bleeding, then immediately seek medical help and DO NOT continue with the manicure.
  • Form – Next, form the nail using a file and cuticle treatment. Remember that an overly rough or worn nail file will weaken and compromise a nail’s health. Using a superfine grit nail file will smooth the ridges of the nail without weakening it. Remember to keep nail length generally uniform; ¼ inch beyond the fingertip is a good length to aim for. Rather than removing the cuticle, moisturize it with a presoak, and use a cuticle pusher to peel the cuticle back and further expose your nail for an even coat.
  • Paint – Before using colored polishes, apply a clear base coat and let if fully dry. Only then apply your colored coat with full, even strokes going from the base of the nail to the tip. Always wait for a polish coat to fully dry before you add the next coat, and avoid getting polish on your skin as it prevents the skin from breathing correctly. There are all sorts of patterns and designs that the creative mind can play with, so try new things and keep aware of designs that the professionals and beauty schools are experimenting with.
  • Additional Tips – Well there you go; your manicured nails have the look and flair of a professional job! Remember that an even top coat will make any design last, and to use polishes and products that do not contain chemicals like dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toulene, and formaldehyde as over exposure to these can be hazardous. Taking Vitamin B can strengthen your nails as well if you find that extensive polish use has weakened them.

Practicing and perfecting the manicure does not come overnight, and every hand requires different treatment. Practice whenever you can and experiment with polish design, and pretty soon you will be ready for beauty school training in manicuring nails!

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