Learn to Be a Professional Cosmetology Manicure Specialist (Nail Technician)


Does creating a once in a lifetime memory for someone excite you?  If providing beautiful, attractive and artistic nails is a passion for you, then a career as a nail technician is perfect for you. With people becoming too busy to do their own nails, nail technicians are in high demand today. The recent financial crisis has turned the two-week vacation into a daylong visit to a spa.  And if that was not enough, more men are getting manicures these days.  There has never been a better time to become a nail technician.

In the world of beauty nothing ever stays the same, and the same is true of nail care. Nail technicians are trained in keeping up with all aspects of nail care’s changing trends. They are trained to do manicures, pedicures, sculpting, painting, extensions and many more fundamentals of nail design. By using new technologies, they can provide a dazzling look to your nails by creating funky tattoos, glitter designs, and even airbrush paintings onto nails. The latest trends are nail piercing for a nail ring, and colorful French manicures.

Nail Technician training can teach you the basics: what shines through is your creativity. In order to become a professional nail technician, you need to complete all the training and certification requirements required by your state. Nail technicians with the proper training and certification have the opportunity to write their own financial story, determine their work hours and earn a lucrative living.

The Nail Technician program includes a variety of courses that will train you to design professional and beautiful nails.. It is easier to find that first job with more training, and can also lead to a higher initial salary.  Your income will depend on keeping and adding clients, and the more you can do, the more you will earn.

Gels Nails Course: Gel nails are extremely popular with teens. These courses are best for beginners. The course requires 60 hrs of training and is very easy to learn.

Acrylics Nail Course: This is a classical nail extension system and is still very popular among customers. This course can be completed in 80 hrs and is the next level up from Gels.

Fiberglass Nail Course: This type of nail art provides a glossy and shiny look to your nails and is also very user friendly. This type of art involves application of small pieces of fiber-glass to nails with resin.

Accredited cosmetology schools usually provide all courses. Nail Technician programs offer both theoretical as well as hands-on training. The school you choose should prepare you to pass your state’s licensing exam that will consist of a written and practical exam.

Job opportunities for professional nail techs are outstanding. Since 2004, the average income for nail technicians has increased significantly.  You can work in a variety of beauty environments or even go into business for yourself and be your own boss.

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