Gel nails and dipping nails for great looking hands


Being fashionable is part of a woman’s persona. The need to look good isn’t just about vanity, it has more to do with presenting a respectable face to society. Outward appearance matters because it indicates how well one takes care of themselves. Part of the grooming process involves wearing the right clothes, keeping oneself clean and keeping a check on behavior. Speaking about keeping clean, there is a part of the body that is at times very neglected but is a huge indication of how importantly hygiene is viewed. Our nails. This tiny aspect of ourselves doesn’t take much to look after. Fortunately, celebs and socialites have contributed somewhat to motivating people to look their best.

Nail products abound in the market and there are even tools to make bad nails look good. Most of us suffer from brittle nails because of our diet and general negligence. This means that growing them is out of the picture and many let themselves go in the end. But certain nail products are designed to add style and shape to nails. Gel nailsĀ are one and can turn even unattractive hands into enviable digits.

These artificial nails are especially suited to those who have weak nails that tend to break easily. The application can be a bit tricky, however, which is why most choose to visit nail salons and have an expert do it for them. The process usually involves a nail tech applying a couple of coats of gel to the nails and allowing them to dry under a special UV lamp. Then, it is filed to shape and ready for polish or nail art.

Dipping nails is another method to get great looking nails and is faster than the gel method. All you need to do is attach fake tips to your nails, apply nail glue and dip them into a pot of acrylic powder. Spray activator is them applied to cure the nails.

Gel nails and dipping nails are among the most sought after when it comes to fake nails. They look quite natural and can literally transform your hands. If you’re one of those who longs for great looking hands, then buy a nail kit or visit the salon and see the instant difference.

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