Create Detailed Designs With Nail Art Pens!


With nail art pens, anyone can draw detailed designs on ones finger and toe nails, and achieve great results, without going to the salon! Nail art pens are a relatively new beauty product available online and in stores where nail art supplies are sold. Nail art pens are essentially pens that draw in nail polish. The small tip of the pen allows the designer to control the amount of polish that is used, and allows the user to control how the polish is drawn onto the nail. It is through these pens that you will be able to draw in detail which you cannot achieve from a regular nail polish brush.

Nail art pens frequently come in sets of many different colors. Many are also double sided, providing you with two colors per pen. Nail art pens are also refillable, so that when you run out of polish, you can refill the pen with more. The pens deploy the nail polish through a very small tip. The designer can control how much polish is released from the pen by how hard they squeeze the body of the pen. It is through this design that you can create intricate and detailed designs, which you cannot accomplish otherwise with regular nail polish brushes.

Nail art pens are frequently also used in conjunction with other nail art supplies. Stamping nail art, specifically Konad stamping nail art, is also a very in fashion type design tool. The way stamping art works is nail polish is poured into a carving of an image on what is called an image plate. ┬áThe image is then transferred from the plate to the nail by a tool called a stamper. This allows designers to very quickly stamp images onto a person’s nails with nail polish and with great ease! Often nail art pens make great additions to stamping nail art as the pens can be used to color in the stenciled images that were stamped onto the nails.

Nail art pens also work well with nail art stickers. As the name suggests, nail art stickers are stickers that are applied to the nail. They are frequently used to convey a certain theme, for instance leaves for fall or snowflakes for winter. With nail art pens, you can add to the images from the stickers by writing messages next to them, or outlining them, or adding to their design.

The possibilities of nail art design are literally endless with nail art pens. They are easily affordable, and are easy to use by a person of any age. Your friends will be amazed at the articulate detailed designs on your nails, and will be amazed that you obtained them without the help of a professional. They are also great not only for designing on finger and toe nails, but on cell phones, calculators, books, binders, and virtually any hard surface. Express yourself and express your creativity and easily achieve great, professional looking designs today with nail art pens!

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