Use RVSkin license to customize your hosting services more exclusively



RVSkin license supports over twenty-five languages and provides an unlimited way to distinguish your web hosting plans from the rapid competition. Its exciting web hosting features make it more customer preferable. Some of its most amazing hosting features are Multi-lingual support, Account-Specific Configuration, Easy Billing System Integration,    Multi-theme design support and Up-sell messaging capabilities.

RVSkin license has developed a single sign-on module, which permits operators to login to their billing system from their control panel without the demand of remembering their passwords. This simple billing integration without need to remember many complicated passwords has always been added as an additional advantage. It offers you a multi-lingual integral face which possesses over twenty-five different languages that are supported by default, RVSkin license really provides an extremely valuable Webmaster toolset that anyone can use right out of the box.

Moreover it offers upsell feature. Using the Upsell feature, that originates standard with RVSkins, permits you to post your latest offers directly to end-users once they login to their control panel.  RVSkins automatically updates as soon as a new release are available, confirming that everything is current. By doing this automatically, RVSkin license liberates you up to do more important business job. You will get RVSkin license just at rate of $4 per month. RVSkin license with its cPanel and WHM software makes life modest for the website owners it serves. With cPanel license you get easy-to-use tools to perform daily duties quickly, and simply.

Some other advantages are its mobile accessibility, web developer friendly, powerful reseller tools, one-click version upgrades etc. As cPanel uses a self-monitoring system, it will keep you stay on top of things even when you are far away. If it detects a service has miscarried, it will automatically try to resume the service to get it back online. Also, it will notify you through Email or Text Message of complications that could affect your cPanel server’s reliability. Additionally, with cPanel license you can add provision for new technologies in a few mouse clicks. cpanel is integrated into every major billing system currently for sale, so there are no complicated integrations needed.

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