Get a perfect finish of the gel nails and UV gel; flaunt your nails confidently



Gel nails or nails gel are very popular with girls, and pose a tough completion to gel acrylic nail in fact. Though both types of nails are popular but gel nails have an edge as they not only look natural and beautiful, these nails are very comfortable and hassle free. A lot of working women rely on it, as it saves them the hassle to visit the saloon quite often.

A little maintenance is required and they cover your broken or damage nails extremely well, till you grow the healthy ones. Nails gel are softer and flexible and their color do not rust or turn yellow.  Acrylic nail gels also may get damaged easily, but even if gel nails are softer they do not get damaged easily.  You can also wear the art on your natural nails, once you grow it again.

You will not experience any kind of odor with UV gel nails and they are quite lightweight to wear.  They look crystal clear and flexible and that’s why there is little probability that they will split or crack. So, when you wear it to cover your split or damaged nails, they are quite safe.  This is probably the reason why they are a little bit expensive than acrylic nail supplies which you can get in lesser price. But when you look at them from the viewpoint of durability and least maintenance required, their price are actually justified. 

It offers you extremely attractive nail art, but it calls for a professional to apply it. The gel is a necessary element of it and it is so durable, that the color or the artwork does not come off that soon. Before applying gel nails, please make sure you have enough moisture on your hands and nails. The moisture content has to be present even after applying it. The gel nail product used in this case contain a typical dental powder gel, so you need less filing and a few files would be more than enough. 

In case of acrylic nail supply more such filing is required. This works especially well if you have bitten nails or that you hurt it somewhere and they become disfigured or darkened as a result. Or, if they are growing in a distorted shape due to any reason whatsoever, you have an economical option to wear these natural looking and shiny nails.

If at all you need any maintenance, it would be required only after a long period and in the meantime you will get rid of the frustration of having to look at your disfigured nails.  You can confidently flaunt your soak off UV gel in the parties and in front of your colleagues and other people. The only difference between normal gel nails and UV nails is that in case of the latter UV lamp is used to dry your nails to give it a perfect finish. Browse through for more information.

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