Men's Grooming Trends for 2012 – New Year's Resolution



Fashion is no more the monopoly of women. Present grooming trends have seen better emphasis on Men’s styling for garments, hairstyles and even jewelry. The age-old perception that men are not preordained to grooming and looking stylish is losing its ground to the new realties. Both metro sexual and urban men are now geared to improve their appeal using the best of mens grooming kit!

The best way to get a hang of the upcoming grooming trends in men is to watch the fashion shows or keep an eye on the most stylish Hollywood celebrities. However, while styling oneself he must keep in mind that the basic principle of fashion is to feel comfortable in what he wears. Carrying the looks smartly is more important that just looking good. The grooming kit for men is available in abundance that simplifies stylizing to a great extent.

Following are popular men’s grooming trends for the year 2012:

• A modern men’s wardrobe must have one or more of those stylish sports jackets which were once the attire for motorcycle riders. They are back in trend with certain variations in texture, fabric and cuts. However the classic black remains to be the much coveted color. Though it might sound somewhat cliché to young men but when the tag attached with the jacket reads Calvin Klein or Burberry, it is hard to resist…indeed.

• Junk jewelry is back with a bang in men’s fashion trends. It is no more restricted to the preference list of the Metrosexual. Heavy and funky necklaces, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks have made their way to the wardrobe of the macho cult. Trendy pieces decked in silver, gold, titanium and diamonds are available from brands like Tiffany, Simmons, D&G Jewels and Bvlgari!

• Suits, the classic men’s attire is never out of the trends. But this time they are back with a more confident and stylish cut. Instead of yesteryear’s slim fit, peaked levels are in this year exhibiting a man’s most precious asset- CONFIDENCE!

• Sunglasses came into limelight in 1900s but they remained in fashion till date owing to the utility and style effects! But this season, it is time to get bolder and more daring with the darkened glasses. A pair of branded glares from D&G, Calvin Klein or Giorgio Armani is simply irresistible and no doubt adds an extra edge to his overall appearance.

• Gone are the days of shoes with laces! The latest fad is slip-ons featuring ultimate comfort and reduced fuss for the wearers. Experimental designs crafted from textured leather or colored suede are equally in trends. The latest launch from Gucci showcases some of the most stylish shoes ever!

• Men and their hairstyles- a never-ending series of experimentation and innovations keeps it talk of the town always! The grooming kit for men has become a MUST-HAVE of late. One can create funky styles with his beard and hair at home with these amazing easy to use kits! The designer blades can transform the boring looks into funky and up-to-the-minute emergence!

Mens grooming kit comprising of branded colognes, face wash, body was and perfumes make great gifts for a man of any age! It is time for men to spur up in action and flaunt their stylish self to the world out there!

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