Making Cool Designs with nail Polish



Decorate you Nails by choosing marbled nail polish

Looking beautiful is one of the most important desires of any woman. There are a lot of things women do to look beautiful including decorating the nails. Nails form an important part of the body and can help to redefine the fashion for any woman. The good looking nails no doubt help to add to the personality of the person. In today’s age of fashion, there are various kinds of things that are popular among the women to decorate their nails including using the nail polish, artificial nails and the gels. The marbled nail polish is no doubt one of the most popular among the women due to the great designs it provides. There are a lot of women who love to have the marbled nail polish done on the nails, but it seems a lot more complex to create the marbled polish for the nails which in reality is not so.

Create marbled nail polish by your own

Creating the marbled polish is very much easy and can just be done by anybody easily. In fact, just adding the nail polish to the water and stirring it can create the marbled swirls that will appear at the surface. To make it yourself, you can pour 2 inches of water on the white plastic container and a few drops of nail polish to the water. Stirring the water with a toothpick can create a swirled design that can be easily applied to your nails. You can just dip your fingers or the artificial nails in the part of the plastic tray that has the clearest water. This will help the swirled metallic polish to be applied on your nail in a great manner.

Once done, you will simple need to clean the cuticle and the parts of the skin with the nail polish remover applied on cotton. The simple steps can just be done by anybody and can help to create a great design on your nails that you can boast about. The metallic designs are no doubt becoming very popular among the people today due to the great looks they can add to the personality.

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