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A lot of people who prefer to keep their nails, well in shape, properly manicured and painted are always in search of some advanced nail products that could help them enhance the beauty of their nails, people do as much they can to take care of their nails, a lot of people would always keep their nail manicured use a god quality nail-gel over it and get it to set.

A new range of nail products include a semi permanent type of nail gel called Calgel’s nail gel, what is remarkable about this nail gel is that it does peel out and chip like our normal traditional nail paints and it come with a special UV lamp which is provided with sole purpose of drying your nails and set the paint.

There are various types of nail gel with which the UV lamp can be used, there is a Clear Calgel which is transparent or a clear form of nail gel and the other type is the Color Calgel, which comes in several types of shades and colors, and they can be easily dries using the lamp, and the lamp is also very user friendly and convenient to use.

Here are few easy steps that would help you in using this lamp:

  • The first thing to be done is to plug the lamp in an electric outlet, and then the next step is painting your nails with the gel as per your choice, if you wish you can use the clear Calgel for a neat look or otherwise if you wish to give your nails a tinge of shade or completely color them into some other color then using a color Calgel is a better option, but care should be taken that you apply a thin layer because a thick layer will take more time to set and would not lok good.

  • Next you set the UV lamp to the required setting, although these digital lamps are automatic, for a clear gel set to 30 seconds and for a color gel application set for 3 minutes, put your hand or foot into the slot of the lamp which is big enough to hold just one thing at a time, let your nails be set in the lamp after the time is over the lamp will be off automatically and you will get beautiful nails with help of these innovative nail products.

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