How to do manicure at home in a very easy and fast way



I think in this today’s busy world even we women also engaged in proving and doing something special for our own self –satisfactions and for our family too. Most of us don’t even get times to do breakfast properly for their hectic busy schedule of managing home as well as office properly or you can say perfectly. I am writing this article for those ladies who don’t have plenty of time to go to parlour for grooming herself for a minute also but loved to looks beautiful for their loved ones. So doesn’t worry I hope this article of mine will help you to keep yourself to some extent through your hand beautiful as well as confident to others. Yes you are right today my subject is hand which does lots of work for us without any objections so it’s our duty to keep those pair of our best friend in good and healthy conditions so that by looking after them you feel confident to show them to others boldly.

Firstly, you will be requiring those things which will assist you to do manicure at home very easily without any hassles. This products will be easily available at stores where beauty products are being sold.

Small Bowl.

Liquid Hand Soap

Nail Filer

Nail Buffer

Cotton Balls


Orange Stick

Nail Polish Remover

Hand Towel

1 table spoon of Oil (Olive Oil / Almond Oil / Coconut Oil ). Any one of them you think will be easy to arrange for you.

2 table spoon of sugar.

Hand Lotion

Base Coat

Nail Polish

Top Coat

Ok then let start our mission of making our hand soft and beautiful.

First of all you will need to clean up your nails from old nail polish. For that take one piece cotton ball and soak it on nail polishremover and remove it properly so that there should not be any stress of old nail polish. Now soak your hands in hand soap water for 2-3 minutes to soften the nails. After doing this it’s time to give your nails a good shape an oval/ square / as you like with the help of the nail filer. The right process of filing your nails is to file it in one direction. Generally square and oval is commonly applied. After giving a shape to your nails it’s time to smooth up any unsmooth area of the nails with the nail buffer.

Our next step is to prepare the scrub. Mix the oil with the sugar and scrub it over your hand until and unless it get dissolved and now wash your hand. Next step is to take a bowl and add to It warm water and then put your hand over it for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you will notice that your hand has become soft, this will help you to push your cuticle back with the help of the orange stick easily. Never cut or shape your nails with scissors. Massage your hand with any three of those oils mentioned above to soften up your cuticles. Take one towel and dip it into the warm water and squeeze out the excess water but carefully it will be very hot so be cautious. And then cover up your hand with that towel for 2 minutes which will help the oil to get absorbed over the skin easily.

After this step it’s time to start up our next sessions of applying the nail polishes. The right process of applying polishes is to start up with base coat. Base coat helps our nails from getting discolored from the continuous usage of nail polish chemicals. So never forget to apply the base coat each time you apply nail polish over your nails.

Apply one layer of base coat. Begin with one stroke of polish down the middle, then one on either side of the nail.

Now apply the nail polish of your favorite color in the same process you applied the base coat. After the first coat gets dry apply your second coat to enhance the color and texture of the polish. And at last apply top coat to give it an extra shine. While applying nail polish even expert hand mistakenly also split nail polish on the side of the nails so in that cases your Q-Tips will help you a lot to get it solved. Q-Tips is a little white stick with cotton swabs on either end. You will have to soak it in nail polish remover and rub it over those affected area.

And don’t forget to dry up the entire process of polishing before you get back to your work otherwise it will mess up your entire hard works.

And at last massage your hand with hand lotion which will complement the entire process beautifully and off course I am sure you all will get lots of compliments for your beautiful hand.

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