How to care nails with UV lamp



Nail care and nail art have become big business as more and more of us begin to pay attention to our nails. There are now salons and spas that cater exclusively to nails. And while they may be expensive, pampering them is sometimes necessary as neglect can cause infections and health concerns.

Nail care isn’t difficult to follow and maintain. With a few tips, you can do it yourself and save money. Such attention given even to a small part of your body is proof of good personal hygiene and grooming.

First off, keep your nails clean all the time. Try not to grow them so long as debris and grime can lodge themselves. When trimming, do so with a sharp, smooth clipper after bathing or washing your hands thoroughly. Next, file them in one direction using a nail file. To protect your hands from getting bruised or your nails from getting chipped, use rubber gloves when washing dishes or doing the laundry. If you’re using nail polish, make sure that it hasn’t become clumpy or thick. Adding remover to it time and again may not be good for your nails so make it a point to buy new lacquer.

For drying your nails, setting polish, art or split nails properly, get yourself a UV lamp. You can get them at the local salon or buy them online. A lamp that has a higher wattage will help cure nails faster. Keep in mind that certain UV lamp may be designed only for the feet while others may be only for the hands. So, get one that works on both to save money. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself or if you feel that you may not be able to do it well, then you can always visit a nail salon and have a professional get it done.

What you need to remember when buying a UV lamp is to read the instructions carefully before using it. While you’re at it, get yourself a nail art kit and have fun designing your nails with the latest stickers and jewels. These are great for a night on the town or to dress up a dull or casual outfit.

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