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Healthy nails are very necessary to have a beautiful look of your hand. After taking proper care of the nails you can also decorate your nails with different types of things. Only with the attractive fingernails you will have beautiful hands. For nail decoration you have to follow some steps but first you have to wash your hands properly with soap and water in order to remove dirt or stains. Now your hand is ready for nail decoration so take out your nail decoration accessories and you can try any of these which suit you.

You can decorate your nails with a good nail polish in order to protect your nails and also to make them glisten. Try to apply two coats in order to have good look and it will also last for some time.

Allow your nails to grow a little bit longer than usual and then shape it properly. First you can apply the primer coat and allow it to dry then you may use the dark nail polish like black, navy blue or even deep gray for the next coat. You can also select an appliqué style so that it may match to your outfit.

You should also go fantasy. You can also try a shimmering silver or tinsel-like gold following your usual clear coating. You can apply teeny rhinestones or other f aux jewels in order to match your outfit.

You can also go for a new look every week related with your fashion trends.

Whatsoever is your personal style or interest or even design talent you can go for any of the style according to your choice as there are numerous nail options and you can easily try out those.

You can decorate your nails by different types of nail products. There are numbers of nail products which are available in the market. Some of the products are:

  1. Artificial nail

  2. Nail Drill

  3. Nail Printer

  4. Nail cutter

  5. Nail polish

Each and every nail product is having its own importance. In order to have a beautiful nail, you have to undergo through all these process.

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