DC New Years Eve Manicure & Pedicure Ideas



You should give yourself a neat manicure and pedicure for DC New Years Eve. This article will give you some suggestions about which colors to choose and fun things to put on your nails in celebration of the holiday.

There are so many things to do on New Years Eve, yet some people choose to stay at home. If you are going out to a party or celebration on New Years Eve, you should do your manicure and pedicure the night before. If you plan to stay at home, you can do your nails while watching the celebrations on TV.

You should use two or three different colors of nail polish for your DC New Years Eve manicure. Ice blue, silver, black, white, and neon yellow are good color choices. Because all of them look great together, whichever two or three you pick will coordinate well. You can use the same colors on your toenails as you do on your fingernails, or you could switch it up. It just depends on if you want your hands to match your feet or not.

You should paint your nails all one solid color, or paint every other nail a different color. Then, write something about New Year Eve in Washington DC on them using a different color. For example, say you paint all of your nails ice blue then use yellow to write the letters. You could paint every other nail black or yellow then use silver to write the letters, or black letters on the yellow nails and yellow letters on the black nails.

You could write DC New Years on your nails by putting one letter on each nail. You could also put DC New Years Eve 2012 by writing DC New Years on your fingers then writing Eve on one foot (2 toes would be blank) and 2012 on the other. You could also write Happy New Years Eve or Happy New Year 2012 by putting one word on each hand/foot. Whether you put the letters upside down reading right to left or facing you reading left to right is up to you.

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