Cool Blue Water: Trends in Nail Polish Summer 2011, Part 1



If dipping your tootsies in a pool of azure blue water seems daunting or too chilly, take a cue from the summer blues parade of nail polishes on offer that conjure up waves, calmness and that sense of peaceful well-being that only a day by the seaside can provide.

Less costly than a summer holiday and even less crushing a commitment than getting wet, blue nails on hands and feet are seen in every shade from palest sky to darkest marine, in shimmer and shine and flat opaque and matte.

Starry, starry night or a cool dip in the pool, blues are fresh and understated for summer wear.

China Glaze, named aptly for its hardening agent made from china clay, comes into the ring darkly with ‘Rodeo Fanatic ‘ a metallic blue reminiscent of a 50’s Chevy paint job, and ‘Frostbite’ which is what your tips would be like if left out of your mitts high up on Everest.

Best of Brit designs show up in butter LONDON’s playful range of blues such as its true teal in ‘Artful Dodger’ and an aqua metallic in ‘Henley Regatta’ not like the river of its namesake! For a night out in a pub, try their ‘Big Smoke’-London’s own nickname-in its dark metallic navy, thick as a London night.

Buy the OPI blues just for the clever names if not their vast shades of blue. ‘What’s the Cattitude’ and ‘Ogre the Top’ from the Shrek collection offer up two creamy matte blues in pale sky and French blue respectively. In the Katy Perry Collection, OPI has a sparkly, deep cornflower blue metallic with ‘Last Friday Night’. In other themed ranges, like Alice in Wonderland, there is ‘Absolutely Alice’ the color of her dress as she follows that tardy white rabbit through the looking glass.

But for best in blue, Essie takes the blue ribbon. From palest to darkest and in between, every shade is covered. In the baby blue range there is ‘Sweet Talker’ and with a dash of aqua go native with ‘Turks and Caicos’. Mid-blues such as ‘Beach Bum Blu’ and ‘Trophy wife’ add the glimmer and a dash of green to those blues. Even murkier, ‘Dive Bar’ goes deeper with an under worldly metallic turquoise, adding a touch of verdi gris corrosion to the mix. Rapture of the deep is found in ‘Mesmerized’ an opaque rich Pacific blue, and ‘Aruba Blue’ and ‘Midnight Cami’ round up the blackest, bruisiest blues in Essie’s stable.

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